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You are probably too busy growing your business to focus on server management - until it is too late.   You know that data loss, security breaches and poor site performance can negatively impact your business.  That’s were we can help.   With more than a decade of experience, Berlisensi can manage the day-to-day server operations.  We assure your systems are updated, data backed up and performing optimally.   With no contracts and clear pricing, you can focus on your business while having the peace of mind that comes with around the clock, expert server management.

Our expert engineers facilitate selections of service package to fulfill company requirements. Whether you need to set the server from scratch, manage your network infrastructure without external help, manage system framework or secure your server- from little one-time employment to a completely outsourced result. Berlisensi will help you meet your needs. With our staff augmentation services let our resources work with you on-site or remote in monitoring database servers, and firewall servers in a 24x7x365 environment.

Keep your IT infrastructure running at optimum performance with our proactive server management.

The performance of your critical infrastructure is essential for business productivity and customer satisfaction, but managing servers is a costly and time consuming activity. Should your IT department be diverting their valuable resources to this task instead of focusing on IT strategy and supporting your core business applications? Our fully-managed server management solution is designed to take away the pain of managing infrastructure so that your IT department can focus on creating competitive advantage.

Proactive support and management

Data center and IT infrastructure is our core business, our server management solution includes proactive support, comprehensive server monitoring, hardware and resource trend reporting, hardware repair, operating system patch monitoring, alerting and installation services. We have inhouse expert hosting and networking teams that work 24/7 to monitor, diagnose and support servers from the hardware level all the way up to the operating system.

For each monitored server we set up a comprehensive runbook that records the procedures required to administer the system, including contingency handling. Any open support issues are logged in our issue tracking system, with status updates around the clock. Through performance counters and optional agents, we can provide a history of server activity, including disk usage, CPU utilisation and network activity.

How We Help 
  • Reduce Downtime : By monitoring more than a dozen server health checks, we can spot and fix issues before your customers even notice.
  • Eliminate Problems : By applying OS and panel updates quickly, we reduce that chance that software bugs or security issues impact your services.
  • Assure Security : We manage firewall, intrusion and anti-DOS settings to help you avoid painful security attacks.
  • Protect Data : All plans include daily, full-server off-site backups.  We use an enterprise-grade backup solution to take the guesswork out of data recovery.
  • Improve Strategy : We help you align your IT needs with your business goals by providing clear, no-jargon assessment of your service options.
  • Boost Performance : We go beyond server optimization by helping you integrate tools and monitoring to identify and stomp out any performance issues.
Our Services for Server managed services include :
  • 24/7 Server Management and Monitoring
  • Server Migration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Custom Data Replication Solutions
  • Server Security Management and Optimization
  • Performance Management
  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Problem Escalation & Callouts
  • Data Backup & Recovery
Customer Value Propositions:
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • 24/7 Support and Maintenance
  • Certified IT professionals
  • Increase in Performance Management and Monitoring
  • Low cost Server Management Services
Call Berlisensi today and ask one of our highly skilled consultants to help address your organization's Server Managed Services goals. Services become customer mandatory needs. Most companies is going to concentrate in their basic core business, IT is remain as an electronic tools to improve every single business. In order to bridge this gap, Berlisensi Berkah Mandiri provides solution for services either for SMB up to large enterprise companies. The solution start from project implementation and maintenance up to turn-key solution. In line with the rising demands of customer support availability we provide services for our valued customer with a full at : 

Call Center 24 Hours
Engineer on Site
Manage Service Maintenance

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PT. Berlisensi Berkah Mandiri | Konsultan | Jasa IT | Data Center | Jaringan 

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